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Holding Hands

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Why not try some more forms of 'hand holding' on the crossing?

  • Invite strangers to hold your hand while you cross the road
  • Hold hands with strangers without their permission. Guess their destination and guide them safely to it.
  • Rather than hold the hand of just one other person as you cross, form human chains which stretch from one side of the 'kerb ramp' to the other. An average of five people linked in this way can form each row. The deeper the rows the better. For one of the widest pavements, go to the Mile End Road, and use the pedestrian crossing just on your right as you exit the Underground station. On this stretch of the A11,  pedestrians are given up to 4 times the amount of space normally  allocated to them. [map]
  • Likewise, form a chain across the road, reaching the entire width of available carriageway. 
  • Children will be used to forming these 'crocodile' formations, so it might be useful to ask one of them for the very latest tips and tricks. The 'crocodile' formation is strictly defined as a column of units, usually pairs, where each person of the unit holds hands with the person adjacent to them. Vary the width of unit for variation, environmental conditions or just for fun.



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